Sunday, 29 November 2009

Slab - Deaths Head Soup rehearsal mp3 link

This is a dirty scuzzy almost Stooge like version of Deaths Head Soup from our rock period heh heh....the song shoulda sounded like this really... wasnt meant to be as clean as the single version

this is a run through from one of the very first rehearsals of the song....

sorry it glitches in a few places...... but anyway... its a document I didnt even know existed...

from late 88 early 89 I guess... I know I wrote it before Sanity Allergy....

line up
Dray -Voice
Jarvis - Gtr
Nick Page - Gtr
Boleslaw Usaresewski - Bass..... ( sorry Bolly I never could spell your name!)
Rob Allum - Drums

Monday, 23 November 2009

Slab - Dolores

By Tim Elsenburg from Sweet Billy Pilgrim

" an iron foundry at full volume", promised the NME in their review of ‘Descension’ by Slab!. I remember peering out at those words from behind a curtain of teenage hair, and wondering why a band would want to sound like that. I was intrigued. There was something heroic about these musicians and their messy (and often literal) deconstruction of the electric guitar. It was also about time someone reclaimed it from those incapable of playing a note with one leg situated anywhere near the other. But did that justify attacking the thing – that most totemic rock ‘n’ roll artifact – with handtools ?

read the whole article here

Sunday, 1 November 2009

November Rain

It rains and it rains
And still we wait
Sometimes London gets more like Blade Runner each day
Slab 3 nears completion