Thursday, 4 October 2012

Revelations Chapter 1

I am bad at posting. I promise myself I will write something regularly but find I would rather actually write music than write about it.

We are waiting on the sleeves for Revelations Chapter 1 our EP and first official release since about 500 years ago.

When the sleeves are done we are ready and I will post details about where you can get the EP.

Much of my time is taken up with writing music, I am not much good at getting the business side done, its boring and for used car salesmen.

I write pretty much non stop and I am not particularly good at finishing tracks. I get bored and wish to move on.

There will be 4 tracks on the EP, nothing that has been available before, all new mixes or recordings or just completely new.

The wait will be over soon

SLAB - Edward Damocles monitor mix

SLAB - Edward Damocles monitor mix

a monitor mix of a new track, no guitars in mix yet or much else for that matter...