Tuesday, 29 November 2011

SLAB - Sloth Returning

we return again in the old style, under heavy heavy manners, an instrumental demo

Sloth Returning by SLAB

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Until The End - SLAB

our journey into outer space continues

Until The End - SLAB by SLAB

Monday, 14 November 2011

SLAB - Through The Arcs of Dying Suns

A new track, a journey into the sun, a huge monolithic bass drone overlaid with psychedelic guitars....into the void once more dear friends

Through The Arcs of Dying Suns by SLAB

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

More new SLAB songs

over at http://slab-descension.blogspot.com

Friday, 2 September 2011

new SLAB blog page

I have decided to create a new SLAB blog page

I will post SLAB related items over there from now on.

Its been a long year, things were going well on the SLAB front and then difficulties occurred - largely my falling out with a good friend of 20+ years - but these things happen, and in SLABland its not uncommon.... I've always been good at losing friends.

Recently Paul and I have been in the studio working on a large number of new songs, mostly with me putting vocals down.

With luck this will see the new album finally get released. There are still plans for EPs etc and at some point the website will get revamped. Its been gathering dust for a year and when I get a moment I will sort it, unless there are any volunteers out there who want to do it!

In November 2011 the original members of the band are reconvening, Bill Davies, Robin Risso and Hugh Rawson with myself and Paul, we are also being joined by Dave Morris and our sound engineer Marc Allum, the first time we have all met since November 1989...who knows what that will bring...

So for now farewell and spread the word.


Voodoo SLAB Slight Return

with thanks to Herr B....

a little monitor mix of a new song Moon Returning, its a little tale of some war torn hellish miasma, I sit in a cafe and recite my opiated thoughts, fucked up but far from forgotten...it could be Saigon, it could be Afghanistan....wherever it is it aint a place you would want to go back to....

there's something wrong in my head

..... and while i tell the tale, Paul's guitar churns backwards in a psychedelic swirl as the Moon Returns over the jungles once more....

Moon returning by SLAB - Descension