Friday, 30 April 2010


Much loved by the Jigoku guys, a fantastic Russian movie from 1967

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Very limited edition T shirt

Ok....lets see if anyone is reading this....

I have available some very limited edition Slab t shirts, designed by Stephen O'Malley no less and made personally by a friend of his.

The only people in the known universe with one of these are myself, Paul Jarvis, Stephen O'Malley and James Plotkin.

The t shirts are black with a logo based on the Slab logo used on our first single Mars On Ice.

If you want one email me.... my address is on the Slab website.

First come first served.

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE FREE, ITS NOT AN AUCTION...... I stun myself with my own generosity heh heh.... or rather, the generosity of SOMA

10th April UPDATE>>>> SORRY ALL GONE, if you want one I may get some more done, will have to see.