Sunday, 21 March 2010

SLAB - Buried Alive

Buried Alive

Another extract from unreleased 3rd album
Music Dray / Lyrics Jarvis

Recorded late 1988 in Shoreditch..... penultimate lineup.... just after Scott and Lou had left to go to the States so about 3 months or so after Sanity Allergy

Voice and samples Dray
Gtr Paul Jarvis
Gtr Nick Page
Bass Boleslaw Usarzewski
Drums Rob Allum

Doesnt have a vocal on it... but will do.... was a fixture of the final bands live set

Rob Allum remains a friend to this day, played with many many people including being part of Stereolab, Add N to X, and played for Brian Wilson and Arthur Lee.... if we gig again he's on drums

Nick Page was a short term member who went on to form Transglobal Underground

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