Saturday, 21 August 2010

Marc Allum remembers...

Marc Allum our sound engineer who did every gig we ever did bar one, sent me this tonight having read some of the blog so far, he's talking about our early live gigs

"...those were some special ‘ball busting’ gigs with maximum focus fucking power….I used to get fed up if the PA was less than 5K….I don’t think Kitson ever quite understood that gut wrenching ‘wall’ that was Slab! live. I loved doing it….I just wonder how many people I damaged for life with some of that mixing…."

Good man sir

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Eric Hameleers said...

Hi Stephen

Great write-up! I just returned from a summer holiday (camping in Denmark) and your texts have been a refreshing change from the continuous storm and rain we have been experiencing.
Amazing (or not, actually) that people are now recognizing Descension for the uniqueness and inventiveness it offered all those twenty-plus years ago. Be proud of it. I have been enjoying that record ever since (but you know).

Hope to find more of your viewpoint about Slab's history, sometime soon. Keep it up.

Cheers Eric