Friday, 2 September 2011

new SLAB blog page

I have decided to create a new SLAB blog page

I will post SLAB related items over there from now on.

Its been a long year, things were going well on the SLAB front and then difficulties occurred - largely my falling out with a good friend of 20+ years - but these things happen, and in SLABland its not uncommon.... I've always been good at losing friends.

Recently Paul and I have been in the studio working on a large number of new songs, mostly with me putting vocals down.

With luck this will see the new album finally get released. There are still plans for EPs etc and at some point the website will get revamped. Its been gathering dust for a year and when I get a moment I will sort it, unless there are any volunteers out there who want to do it!

In November 2011 the original members of the band are reconvening, Bill Davies, Robin Risso and Hugh Rawson with myself and Paul, we are also being joined by Dave Morris and our sound engineer Marc Allum, the first time we have all met since November 1989...who knows what that will bring...

So for now farewell and spread the word.



Benjamin Benjamin said...

Hello sir! This is so great! Among my friends I've been a disproportionately agressive Slab! proponent ever since I fell in love with you guys sometime in the late eightees, but when I've looked for Slab! stuff on the net I've always come up quite short, but not anymore! It's started to pop up more and more here and there, and now I found the motherlode, as in your blog and the new site! Also some other people writing and posting stuff on other blogs and (your doing?) on youtube. Anyways, these odd download links to rapidshare, megadownload I see here and there, and the stuff on soundcloud, and so on - what about (No I don't work for them, only have a couple of songs there) Wouldn't Bandcamp be the perfect hub for distributing Slab! materials; payed, free and inbetween?
By the way, I'm honestly not sure if it was you that I met back then, but did you gig with another band/project at the Junction in Cambridge in 97-98' sometime? (If so, I was the Swedish guy/Slab! fan who worked there and boasted about making some Slab! covers (that never really came through). Anyways, so good to stumble upon this blog! Thanks for all the brilliant (and muddy) sounds through the years! / Ben

Dray said...

hello benjamin, thank you for your kind comments. we wouldnt have played Cambridge in 97-98, probably 87... we definitely played Cambridge with A Certain Ratio around 86 or 87 at somewhere called the Corn exhcange i think.... but i might be wrong...