Friday, 23 October 2009

Killer Moses eps

3 EPs

The first was "Unseen"... the title track owes a large debt to Slab. It starts from a fairly ordinary acoustic bass line and trolls along in a friendly jazz hop way.... ho ho.... only to be punctuated by laughter from Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet as the track descends into a psychedelic space epic with fuzz bass, huge drums that sound like they were forged from the same furnace as Descension, Miles Davis style mute trumpet and ends in a swirl of dissonant voices..... the laughter was meant to at the sad fuckers drawn in by the beginning........ so if youre hearing it for the first time go with it and stay the journey does take off....

This was really the knda direction I was hoping Sanity Allergy would go in... but that is history.

Two other EPs along with it.

get em from this link before rapidshare bombs em


Eric H. said...

Hi Stephen

Too bad the rapidshare link has already been taken down. I had downloaded it previously but I lost a lot of stuff when my hard drive crashed this summer. Are these EP's for sale someplace?

I hope you're still working on a new Slab! album... it's getting quiet out here in the woods. There is the occasional visit of my Slab! blog post, so I know there are still others keeping an eye out. Descension is on the mp3 CD in my car stereo all the time, which had been the caused of some disturbed gazes whenever the weather was hot and the car windows open ;-)

Cheers, Eric

Eric H. said...

Hrmm... that rapidshare link is OK. My computer was thinking otherwise for a while, but I beat it into submission.
Thanks for uploading your stuff. I appreciate that a lot.

Cheers, E.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?