Sunday, 4 October 2009


So here we are, drifting in and out of sleep, waiting for autumn.

Just over a year ago we set out to finish songs left over from the demise of Slab. It has taken a long time to get to but soon we will be finished.

The temporary disintegration of Slab wasn’t a pleasant affair it was a time of uncertainty and paranoia. It was a time of disgust. It was worthless. It was a memory best left forgotten.

But there was always something, always something lurking in the extremity, the intensity whether it was beautiful or sad or motionless or deadly, something that needed to be realised to bear fruition and live again.

It had lived in the work I would do following Slab, but it was voiceless and spoke no words. It knew less.

But now it rises again and it will soon come.

And more will follow.


October 2009

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