Friday, 8 October 2010

SLAB arise from the grave - NEW RELEASES

SLAB will be releasing a 4 track EP of new songs very soon.

This will be the first of a regular series of EPs in a range of formats.

To be honest I got really bored of working on the old stuff. The old stuff is good but I write all the time and have this backlog of new material. Therefore it seems to make more sense to release new stuff first and then look at the ancient stuff after.

More details to follow



David said...

Cool man, can't wait.

Mona said...


Tiarnan said...

Brilliant news! But don't forget the old stuff! That third album sounds great...

Burl Veneer said...

Looking forward to it!!!

Eric Hameleers said...

Stephen, I am nearly exploding with curiosity by now! How's it going?

Cheers, Eric

the mosesman said...

hi eric,
as usual its slow in SLAB world, recurring illness slowing me down i am afraid. EPs ready to go just too late to put out this year. Will keep everyone posted as it gets nearer and once i have my health at something like a normal level