Saturday, 4 December 2010

The first new SLAB songs in 20 years are here

I have decided to post a selection of new songs by SLAB. Some will be released and some wont.

3 tracks on each link.


and another HERE

The songs are new. Some are heavy in the old SLAB style, some are SLAB pared down to the barest of bones.

Let me know your thoughts.

Stephen Dray 04/12/10


Anonymous said...

Fraid the 2nd link dosen't seem to be working.


bumkuncha said...



the mosesman said...

Cheers gents link fixed, dont know what that was.

Herr B thanks for trying to help but its the other link! I posted them in a different order to CHICKEN

Eric Hameleers said...

If you're having trouble downloading (I have issues with Rapidshare) I mirrored the two archives to which should be a fast download for everyone.

Mosesman, if you are not OK with that, I'll remove them of course.

Cheers, Eric

the mosesman said...

thats fine

Jonathan Canady said...

Steve - these are all great. Thanks for sharing them!

Can we look forward to some of your vocals eventually?

the mosesman said...

Vocals I cant be bothered with at present, maybe will do some, doesnt seem to warrant it really at present. I write huge amounts and tend to move on very swiftly, dont go back over tracks very much. Have a huge amount of new material to post, just selecting certain bits at the moment to test the water.Thanks for feedback, I need it...
Good to hear from you, hope all is well

Tiarnan said...

Thanks for these, Steve. Really like them, particularly the more recognisably Slab!-like Waiting Here.