Sunday, 12 December 2010


I am increasingly fed up with my so called allies that I attempt to work with, therefore I am doing it all myself.

So dearly beloved, I am going to release every bit of SLAB old or new in my possession for free and with the help of some of my Internet buddies (hello Mona and Herr B)

I cannot be bothered to go setting up limited companies and sort out accountants etc, I cannot be arsed with it. So I will release all of this stuff for free download. I cant see the point of signing to some company and still having to deal with the Inland Revenue for basically very little.

So expect SLAB tracks by the bucketload. EPs, themed albums you name it its all here.

I will also be putting up various other projects such as Killer Moses, Hangman Stone and I may go talk to my old buddies from Jigoku, Lovely Jon and Gareth from Cherrystones to see if they wanna collaborate too.

If anyone wants to post em on their own blogs feel free.

I dont do it for money , I do it because I have to.

The only thing thats been stopping me is myself.

Well that ends now

There's a war in SLAB land



The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I am excited!! Thank you for choosing to do this, believe me, it IS appreciated!

alienBOB said...

Hey Stephen

I'll write about everything you care to put up, If you need some places with big bandwidth to store your stuff, I'll provide. I hate rapidshare.

Excited as anyone to find out what gems this rebellion creates.

And if you turn up in Eindhoven I'll buy you food & drink ;-)

Cheers, Eric H.

the mosesman said...

thank you good people
when i post it you can re post it anywhere.
it will all be copyrighted but making money from it aint what I am about.
Viva La Revolution


Tiarnan said...

Fantastic news! Bring it on.

alienBOB said...

Hey Stephen

You could perhaps add a paypal donation link to your page. That way, people who care can send you some money after all.

Cheers, Eric H.

bumkuncha said...

VIVA LA REVOLUTION, Commandante Dray!!!

Eric Hameleers said...

Been listening at your Killer Moses EP again and it's real real good. Would love to hear more of the recent stuff.

Bit of a shame that there has been no news since last december, I hope you are OK and doing fine? I noticed that the spam posts get removed which is a definite sign of life.

Please come out and chat a bit - your posts are invariably interesting to read - your music and writings are of one mind.

Cheers, Eric H.